Getting Organized

Who doesn’t want to be organized? Well, many people actually. But if you’ve read even this far, you probably have the desire and may want a little support. Organization in your life, from purse to cabinet to closet to home, has rich benefits; the reward does come from the effort. I’m happy to tell you – it pays off.


The old adage, “An ounce of prevention…” applies here. It takes time to set yourself up for success in any area, but the time you save down the road is greater. If you have your linen closet set up so that everything has a place and (most) everything is in its place, in the long run you save hours of searching and folding and unfolding and snapping in frustration and searching all over the house. How might you use this new-found time? On something more valuable?


Speaking of everything in its place, if you know what you have because you can see it quickly, you won’t buy continual replacements for items you already have. You won’t end up with 8 air mattresses because you can never find the last one in the attic or garage.

Clear Mind

Studies show clutter drags us down emotionally and mentally. This includes everyone, not just neat freaks. With more items demanding your attention wherever you are, you are wasting time and energy unconsciously distracted by things that don’t need your attention. With more belongings to worry about, your load of anxiety increases. Personal experiences testify to the freedom that comes from not being surrounded by piles of the unknown.


God has given all of us many resources in the form of our time, talents, money and possessions. Our responsibility to wisely steward those blessings is not fulfilled haphazardly. Knowing what we have and making the best use of it requires a certain amount of organization.


God is the Creator of order. Scientists spend careers observing the complexity of His organization. When His children reflect a small amount of that orderliness in our lives, we are reflecting His character in a beautiful way.

That being said, we will spend the next few posts on practical ways to organize in different areas. Do you have any specific concerns or ideas you would like to see? Comment below so that it can be worked in to the series. Thank you!

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