Introduction to Interior Design

by Donna Kopsick

I love touring homes, analyzing magazine articles and studying books on interior design. All evoke awe in me at the decorator’s originality, inspiration and insightfulness. Coming home to an artful, comfortable and tasteful environment is not an unattainable goal.

Inspiration for home interior decorating can be derided from a variety of sources: nature, history, HGTV shows, travel, regional cultures, family inheritances, interest and the home owner’s personality all combine to create a unique home.

IMG_5355When I am asked to assist with home decoration decisions, my approach is to ask the homeowner what desired look they wish to express. Photos, clips from magazines, special interest books or design styles (country, traditional, French, Western, modern, Asian, etc.) all help the home owner pinpoint their taste. Having a plan (though it doesn’t have to be set in stone) helps keep the project on track, contain costs, create cohesiveness and save time.

I have learned from experience the hard way that editing ideas, realistic limitations and patience make the process a whole lot more enjoyable. Creating a home that can be enjoyed by the home owner and their family and friends takes time. Don’t try to rush.

IMG_5371In the following series we are going to walk through building your design as well style concepts for color and accents and more to help you with creating your own unique style. We will incorporate your current home design and decorating with where you want to go. The hope is that this discussion will help you transform where you are now into your desired destination in manageable steps.

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