Consider: Adorned

Some friends and I just finished studying through Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. Since it was a good discussion, here is a snippet for you to consider for yourself, if you are not familiar with the book:

But that’s part of the beauty of Titus 2! It brings to these messy realities the promise of reinforcements for the struggle, and recovery of our divine calling and purpose…

And so, even with life a complicated maze of obligations, disappointments, longings, and uncertainties — new health scares, financial strain, painful losses, and bone-tired weariness — God settles and stabilizes our hearts, even as He broadens us beyond ourselves and our own personal concerns. He places us in close-knit, Christ-centered relationships, through which we can experience and express more of His love. He makes us at home in others’ homes — and others at home in ours — to unite us across generations and protect us against our tendencies toward insecurity and isolation.
To give us friendship.
To give us growth.
To give us hope.
To give us…

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Just Doing It

There’s a lot that can be said and done to help us with task or time management. Tips and tricks abound. Structure matters. Tools make a big difference. So we think more is better and keep searching for the ultimate magic trick that will make it all happen with the wave of a wand.

But ultimately it comes down to simply doing it.

Once you have a good set-up, it is up to you to follow through. Once you have a good, solid plan, it’s time to work the plan.

The good news is, you can. You have what you need to do what you are called to do. So motivate yourself with that truth.

The other good news is, it will be worth it in the end. Your effort matters. Once you put in the work, you can enjoy the benefits. After you make the habits, you can rest in the rewards.

But still…

You just have to do it.