Consider: “What Does It Mean To Love God?”

We have often discussed our big priority of loving God and loving our neighbor. What Does It Mean to Love God? by Maurice Roberts is a book that deals with the first part of that dual responsibility. Here are two brief excerpts from this short book:

This is, therefore, the only perfect rule of life: to love God first and seek to please Him in all things by the way we live and order our lives here on earth. … It must follow, then, that all who wish to please and glorify God should look closely at their lives and seek help from God to reform and reorder their lifestyles and priorities so as to put God’s claims first.


First, love for God generates new priorities in a believer’s life. At conversion, a Christian instinctively reorganizes in his mind the things that are of first importance and attempts to order his life, as far as possible, so that he puts first things first in terms of the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt. 6:33).


These books are set here as possibilities for you to explore. Posts and links are not endorsements or paid publicity.

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