Meat or Manna?

Count your blessings. It’s all over — on coffee mugs, pillows, bumper stickers. It comes up often around Thanksgiving. We know we need to do it more often, even if it seems cliche.

We need to count our blessings because we have so many, enough that any count we do can only be a start. God provides all His children need for life and godliness. Most of us have been blessed with luxuries far beyond that as well.

In one convicting sermon I remember, we were challenged by the preacher to think about how often we “scream for meat while manna falls softly on your shoulders”, just like the Israelites. Ouch.

In this holiday season, the manna is falling. Every day. Daily bread. We have what we need in delicious plenty.

At the same time, in this materialistic world, the siren call of the meat is everywhere. Our wants are being highlighted and tickled. What do you want for Christmas? Bright shiny things on display in every store. Sales are everywhere. I want things I don’t have. I want it. I need it.

So where is your focus? Let’s live today in gratitude for God’s gracious provision.

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