With Thanksgiving

For everything created by God is good,
and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving,

for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer. (I Timothy 4:4-5)

Have you ever seen a child refuse absolutely to eat certain foods? Well, I was that child. It’s not pretty, is it?

Paul, in the verses above, is talking about eating and not eating certain foods, but how often do we scorn anything created by or designed by God? Our paths are designed by Him. We receive good and perfect gifts from His hand. How blessed we are!

This week, Americans traditionally think about and talk about things for which we are thankful. Most of the time we are thinking about the past — what we already have. That is so good, but let’s take that one step further.

Today may not be full of what we would have requested (if that were an option). How are we receiving that from God’s hand?

The plans we have had up until this moment have shattered. Is this a time for thanksgiving?

The simple phrase — “with thanksgiving” — is convicting for me, at least. How am I receiving each moment of life to come? Lord, give me the grace to receive them with thanksgiving.

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