200 Posts!

Wow! This is the 200th blog post. How did that happen?

Well, I can’t resist! It took one post at a time…

Seriously, though, I’d like to make this post a thank-you for all who have made 200 posts possible.

  • Thank you to the ones who encouraged the vision and supported sharing these principles with others to enrich lives.
  • Thank you to my husband for making the technology happen and troubleshooting bugs and hackers so many times for so many hours.
  • Thank you to the many friends who have shared tips and tricks and ideas in many conversations. We have so much available to us in community.
  • Thank you to the faithful reviewers who look over each post before it publishes. Those corrections and warnings and additions are invaluable.
  • Thank you to each member of this community. Your participation, from reading posts to commenting to personal feedback, is encouraging.
  • Thanks be to God for the gift of time to use, the many experiences that went into learning the principles we discuss, and the community that sustains the blog.

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