Consider: “Love the Home You Have”

In Love the Home You Have: Simple Ways to…Embrace Your Style, Get Organized, Delight in Where You Are, Melissa Michaels gives a fresh perspective on designing and maintaining a welcoming, orderly home. If you are not naturally detailed and don’t live to clean, you may find inspiration in her story and the Clean-Enough House.

Here are two excerpts:

To make appropriate decisions, we often have to sacrifice one thing for another, but at least we have guidelines to help us make the best decisions for this time and place…It is freeing to live within your means, to have boundaries around your time, and to focus on the bigger picture of your life as you make daily decisions for the home.

Our refuge is the one safe place where people are most likely to love and understand us even on our bad days. But if we are in the habit of filling our home with negativity, complaining, disrespect, selfishness, and laziness, the beauty we are trying to create will take a hit. Giving the best of ourselves to those we love at home changes the playing field. We change the atmosphere of our house by changing the tone of our words and setting the example for our home’s love language.

These books are set here as possibilities for you to explore. Posts and links are not endorsements or paid publicity.

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