Refresh: An Organized Purse

Speaking for myself, my purse is my treasure trove, lifeline, and security blanket. If it wouldn’t break my back, I probably would put the kitchen sink in there!

We use our purses for many things throughout the day. Think of how many times you reach into or look into yours. How many minutes a day do you spend digging for car keys or wallet or Chapstick? Add that up over a month, and you may be surprised. If you could reclaim those minutes, would you?

I have found that organizing my purse saves a great deal of time otherwise spent scrambling. An added benefit is that it takes less than 2 minutes to switch purses when I want to add variety. Here I would like to share what works best for me. I hope that it helps, in whole or in part, as you seek to improve stewardship of your 24 hours.

With a couple of large exceptions (i.e., Kindle), everything has a zipper pouch for a home. Each pouch is a different size, shape, and texture, so that I can reach in and feel what I need without even having to look. I’ve collected mine from a variety of places, from Walmart to thrift stores to Vera Bradley direct.

  • One case contains “tools” such as a flash drive, a couple pens, a Sharpie, a highlighter, and a creaser.
  • Another pouch has makeup and medicine. So lipstick, aspirin, essential oils and BandAids are all in one place.
  • A third has gum, a granola bar or dehydrated fruit, and cough drops/peppermints for church. Basically these are edibles, so I find a lined case works best.
  • There is also a bag for hygiene, ready when needed. Key here is refilling it at home on the weeks it is used.
  • Coupons, gift cards, and important membership cards and papers can go in an envelope or pouch also.

In addition to the pouches, I have my wallet, an emergency shopping bag, my Kindle and my car key. My phone is generally in my pocket, but occasionally it has to be dropped in as well. I have found that having at least one pocket in the purse helps immensely to contain the key. If I always drop it in when it’s not being used, it’s always there when I need it. Same for your phone.

Anything other than those items that gets dropped in will stick out like a sore thumb, so I generally find it easy to take care of it when I’m at home or have a few minutes.

As I mentioned, when switching purses, I move 5 pouches and four items over. Then all I have to do is check the pockets and throw away any debris at the bottom of the bag. Ready to roll!