Change of Plans

Action plans are great tools. I urge you to use them.

But I also urge you to use them loosely. Stuff happens. We don’t know the future. Priorities may change, and that’s okay.

It’s fine to tweak. Truly. In fact, since you don’t know everything and you don’t rule the world, it’s pretty much required. Knowing this as you make action plans and work them out helps a great deal.

  • As you create your plan, allow for other options. Don’t think of your plan as etched in stone. You can also add in any ideas that come to mind, as you draft your plan, as a side note for any step. Or you can simply keep your brainstorming notes for reference when you have to make adjustments along the way. This is your contingency plan.
  • Continue to hold your plan loosely as you work it. Don’t let yourself think that one thing not happening as you wrote it will spoil the whole project. Practice responding to unforeseen changes with, “That’s okay. Now what will we do?” Your problem-solving skills will only get better and better each day.
  • Appreciate the path when you are done. Look back at how you arrived with a smile. It will help you as you start the next plan.

Remember, if Plan A doesn’t work out as you thought, don’t give up. Plans B and C and D are just other creative ways to move forward.

Consider: “Habits of Grace”

Habits of Grace by David Mathis is a book that deals with spiritual disciplines in a summary form. Here is a brief excerpt describing the author’s hope for the readers:

My hope in reshifting the focus from the spiritual disciplines to the means of grace — and then the various personal habits of grace that we develop in light of them — is to keep the gospel and the energy of God at the center… My prayer is that this approach will help to make the means of grace, and your own habits that develop around them, not just accessible and realistic but truly God’s means of your knowing and enjoying Jesus.

An excellent chapter on time management included this concept:

One way to make it practical is to schedule the time both for proactive good in the calling God has given us and reactive good that responds to the urgent needs of others.

The Epilogue alone — “Communing with Christ on a Crazy Day” — may be worth the price of the book for many of us!



These books are set here as possibilities for you to explore. Posts and links are not paid publicity.