Consider: “Identity Theft”

Identity Theft is a collection of essays that address the truth of who we are in Christ. Here is a brief excerpt from this book, in the chapter by Hannah Anderson:

In moments of difficulty, confusion, and loss, God is stripping you of all the things you may reach out for instead of him. He is cutting and cleaning and crafting your life so it can shine the light of his glory. Do not be afraid when this happens. Do not be afraid when the questions come and the things you once relied on don’t satisfy you any longer. Do not be afraid when he comes to relieve you of your idols of identity. Do not be afraid because a good and powerful God is at work. He is coming to reclaim his own, and he will not stop until you become your truest self — a woman whose life reflects the greatness and glory of her God.

What a beautiful purpose!

These books are set here as possibilities for you to explore. Posts and links are not endorsements or paid publicity.

New Things

There are some things that I thought I would never do. Actually, there are a lot of things I have never even thought about doing. They are good things, but just not on the radar. However, I’m a city girl married to a farm boy who loves cows, so the list is shrinking rapidly.

Lately, a new appreciation for fencing has grown in my heart. It’s a lot of work. It’s also a little messy.

Now, lest you think I actually did a lot of fencing recently, pulled barbed wire and dug post holes and such, I did not. But I did watch and help a little. In my book, holding up barbed wire and twisting it around a post and pounding the staple into the post all does count as a new experience.

Our latest household project has been repairing fence in a pasture to prepare it for cows. There was a large section of fence that actually needed to be replaced, so that was a learning experience for me.

Did you know there are several kinds of fencing that work on a farm? Do you know where and when to use barbed wire and stay wire and electric wire? How do you reinforce a wooden fence post? It’s a whole new world.

But learning experiences are great! Even if we don’t enjoy them in the moment, they add value and depth to our lives. 

So now we have a beautiful stretch of fencing and a pasture ready for cows…and I have learned a little bit of something new.