FYI: Calendars

Following is a collection of links that may be of interest to you related to our current topic. Note, listing does not imply endorsement. Please evaluate for your own situation.

Remember your organizational system must fit you and your life to be successful. It can be helpful to gather ideas from many places to try, but be free to pick and choose what works for you.

Paper Planners

Simple & Short — 8 steps to get you started and stick with it

Household Planners — a great encouragement and thorough description of an excellent household planner

More Encouragement — why a paper planner?

Design Your Own — tips for making your planner fit you

More Color — spicing it up!

A More Extensive Guide — for those who are interested in robust planners


Effective Project Management — using your calendar to get big jobs done in manageable pieces

Time Blocking — 2-minute tip article on visual cues


Revisiting previous links from FYI: Planning

Effective Use of Your Calendar — what goes on the calendar and what goes on the to-do list?

Using a Daily Planner — from the bullet journaling angle

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