Consider: “Procrastinate on Purpose”

With a subtitle of “5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time” paired up with Procrastinate on Purpose as a title, this book sounds a little intriguing, does it not? Rory Vaden is a self-discipline strategist, and he uses this book to expound on a multi-step funnel to help make decisions on what is best to do at any given time. Below are several quotations from the book that may be of value to you — and may make you want to read the book…

You can choose to either be focused on things that matter or allow yourself to be swept away in a sea of distraction. (26)

One thing that is always more expensive than a good system is not having a system at all.
And each moment that you don’t do the things you know you should be doing, you are stealing from your future self. (99)

Anything you create a process for today saves you time tomorrow. (114)

There is a big difference between inaction that results from indulgence, and inaction that results from intention; one is procrastination and the other is patience. (151)

Food for thought. Enjoy!


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