Where Are You Going?

Ponder the path of your feet;
then all your ways will be sure. Proverbs 4:26

Where are you going today? Are you walking aimlessly, or have you planned out the direction for your day?

Have you taken a few minutes to set your mind on your purpose?

Do your plans, first of all, express love for God and then also reflect love for your neighbor as you walk through the day?

Did you look at your calendar and to-do list before starting the day, to make sure your priorities were mapped out?

Are you proactively walking in obedience to God and guarding your heart and home from evil, or are you constantly zig-zagging as you react to all the demands and distractions that come at you?

Have you looked to God’s Word for direction or are you leaning on your own understanding?

Where are you walking today?

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