Moving Day

You packed up and are now ready to go. Often this move happens primarily on one day, and these tips address that situation.

Make a list of tasks. Any furniture still need to be disassembled? Appliances and boxes and lamps may be going in different places. Do you need big stuff first, heavy stuff first, or what? Cleaning needed? Any items need special handling? Ordering pizza for lunch?

Whether you have a professional mover team or a group of friends, it is helpful to have a hit list and assign teams to what needs to be done. It doesn’t take six people to move the washing machine, so plan ahead to divide and conquer. It doesn’t take mega-muscles to do every task, so know what can be done by various capabilities. Children can be vigilant door-openers.

Accept help. You need it! Take it with gratitude. There is lots to do, so spread the joy. Wouldn’t you enjoy helping your friends? Don’t walk alone.

Use your floor plan and list. You set it up; now is not the time to forget it. You already thought about where you want the couch; it can go straight there when it arrives.

Have a point person at each location. It’s helpful to have one person who knows what is going on at both the old and the new location. If that is cross-country, it can easily be the same person, of course. The point person has the floor plan and the task list, so most questions can be answered on the spot. Boxes and furniture go into the right room the first time. This keeps things moving and ensures anyone there to help is not wondering why they came out to just stand around.

Label your rooms. Make a sign for each room (Girls’ Room, Bedroom 2, Office, etc.) and stick it to the door. This will help everyone know where they are going instead of asking each time.

Know it will take longer than you think. Really. Every time. You always have more stuff than you think you do. Just plan on a long day from the start.

Keep breathing. It will get done. It’s messy, but you’ll get there.

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