Consider: “Everyday Faithfulness”

Glenna Marshall provides rich encouragement for steady, ordinary faithfulness in our lives in Everyday Faithfulness: The Beauty of Ordinary Perseverance in a Demanding World

Here are two excerpts:

Faithfulness is an everyday calling. It’s regular, it’s ordinary, it’s taking a really long view of the Christian life. It’s reshaping our desires for immediate fruit and committing to following Jesus for the long haul. It’s getting up every single day and believing that God is your treasure, that the gospel of Jesus is worth your every breath, and that he is enough. Faithfulness is doing this again tomorrow and the next day and ten years from now. Faithfulness is ordinary. It’s unremarkable. It plods. It is also precious in the sight of the God who works out lifelong sanctifying perseverance in your life for your good and his glory.

God has designed and equipped the Christian life for perseverance that reaches beyond our own benefits. In kindness, he has given us the means to accomplish his good purposes in both our lives and the lives of others as our faithfulness points others to his faithfulness. Our faithfulness isn’t just for us. It announces to the world that Jesus is worth every drop of our devotion.

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