FYI: Planning

Following is a collection of links that may be of interest to you related to our current topic. Note, listing does not imply endorsement. Please evaluate for your own situation.


File Crate System — a method to plan a year for your family

Personal Retreats — book and templates for personal retreats

Progress toward Goals

Starting Your Day with Purpose — living intentionally, one small step at a time

Setting SMART Goals — five filters for successful goals and how to achieve them; another description here

Kaizen — the large impact of small, continual change

Daily Goals and Wins — a daily exercise to maintain focus and document progress

Ideas for Goal Setting — how to achieve progress with small steps forward

Personal Development Plan — the importance of making a plan in advance

Benefits of goal-setting — motivation as you walk through your preferred method

Managing the Gap — Your goal vs. your present


Making Time — how our values impact our use of time

Effective Use of Your Calendar — what goes on the calendar and what goes on the to-do list?

Using a Daily Planner — from the bullet journaling angle

Busyness — how busy are you?

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