Working the Plan

This is where the fun is! Putting together a reasonable plan and seeing the progress is motivating, as well as beneficial.

There are a few things to keep in mind, however:

  • You are in this for the long haul – a marathon, not a sprint. Steady progress is what we are looking to see. Delays are not the end; keep the end in mind and patiently wait until you can continue. One day doesn’t work? Start fresh again tomorrow and the next day.
  • Get input on the plan from the start and throughout. Spouses, of course, but also family members and friends whose opinions you respect. Children, if involved, have feedback that is important to consider. It’s never too late to adjust.
  • Plan to succeed. Set yourself up to do what you have determined is best. Put reminders in your path. Set alarms. Schedule time on a regular basis to accomplish the steps in your plan.
  • It’s fine to tweak. In fact, if you’re not omniscient and omnipotent, it’s pretty much required. If Plan A doesn’t work out as you thought, don’t give up. Plans B and C and D are just other creative ways to move forward.
  • Don’t do it on your own. Lean on God’s provision and rely on His strength and wisdom. Use the resources He has placed in your life to support you. Ask for encouragement and accountability from your spouse or close friends. Who knows if you may stir others up to good works along the way?
  • The plan is not the ultimate goal. Remember our big picture and purpose. No matter how beautiful and well-thought-out the plan, it is worthless if done without love for God and our neighbor.

5 thoughts on “Working the Plan

  1. As much as I love a plan, I need the reminder that my plan A is not the only possibility and B or C could even be better since I’ve put more into it. Also to remember my plan is not created in a vacuum. I need to be sure I’m getting input from my husband and anyone else in my life who will be impacted. Thanks for the reminders!

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