Studio Space

Lately my time and attention have been consumed largely by our efforts to convert a repo, pre-fab garage into a quilting studio in our yard. A wide variety of factors went into the decision to take this path to cover the existing needs, but today I’d just like to start sharing how the process is going. Perhaps you will be inspired for your own project — or just be able to rejoice with me when it is complete!

The pictures below show from delivery to walls-but-no-floor. The plan is to finish the majority of the unit into one large room, with a wall to close off the garage door end for a small storage space.

The labor is entirely amateur, and I am so thankful for good friends and past days volunteering with Habitat for Humanity! Some things take some skill, and volunteering gave me valuable knowledge and experience. Double bonus.

If you are curious about more detail on any aspect of this project, please comment below and I’d be happy to respond.

So…on we go. Work continues, and I’ll keep you posted!

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