Gift Guide: New Home Owner

If you are looking for gift ideas for someone who just moved into a new place, here’s a few thoughts. They have plenty going on right now, but you may be able to ease the transition with a few handy items we love and use in our home.

  • Cabinet slide-outs. These are installed in the lower cabinets in my home immediately — before unpacking the kitchen. They are a back-saver and keep stuff accessible so you actually use it!
  • Electronic door locks. I despise keeping up with paper and keys, so these are also top of the list when setting up house. Easy to install and easy to use. There is a key for back-up, although the batteries will last a long time, and you can set different codes for each family member or outside contractor, if you wish.
  • Laundry sorter. If you have the space, sorting dirty laundry as you go makes for a much smoother laundry cycle. It is easy to see when one load is ready to be washed. You don’t have to sort piles, and then put the too small loads back in the hamper. While cold water does cover a multitude of mixed laundry, it still helps to keep heavy-duty jeans and fuzzy towels out of the loads with your silk blouse or white t-shirt.
  • Tool kit. Especially if the recipient is moving from an apartment or family home into a new house, a tool kit can be a lifesaver. Even if the new place is an apartment, though, there will be plenty of assembly and fixes coming up.

*None of these links are affiliates or revenue-generating in any way. These items are simply tools that have benefited us greatly.